Dunkin Donuts to the Uk Essay

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1. Introduction
Dunkin Donuts
In 1950, the founder Bill Rosenberg established Dunkin Donuts in Boston, supplied delicious donuts and coffee (1) (Black, 2009). Dunkin Donuts rapidly become one of the nation’s top 10 brand franchise chains between fifty years according to the fast and friendly service, supplying high quality coffee and baked dessert food(1) (Black, 2009). So far, more than 34 countries worldwide have over 7900 Dunkin Donuts stores, it has become the world’s largest “coffee and donuts” chain store in 2007(1) (Black, 2009). And plan to expand to 15000 stores until 2015(1) (Black, 2009).
From Asia to Latin America and everywhere in between, you can count on Dunkin' Donuts for delicious coffee and espresso, cool Coolatta,
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According to (3)(Oakland, 2006), MORI view investigation in 2001 presented that in fact concern in politics has maintained steady in Britain for 30 years. This advises that persons need more truthful data and a greater attention to the matters that directly concern elections (3) (Oakland, 2006). They wish economic freedom and personal liberty but also want national interventionist policies in some social parts, for instance education, law, order and health (3) (Oakland, 2006).
2.4 Economics
Britain is one of the world's economic powers, its gross domestic product ranked 5th in the world in 2010(3) (Oakland, 2006). British manufacturing industry in the national economy has declined; the percentage of service and energy, including commercial, financial and insurance industry developed more rapidly (3) (Oakland, 2006). Tourism is one of the most important British economic sectors. Annual output value is more than 700 million pounds; tourism revenue occupied 5% of the world's total tourism revenue. Different from the other scenery tourism-oriented countries, the British royal family culture and museum culture is the highlight of the tourism industry (3) (Oakland, 2006). Britain is the world's fourth largest trading nation, trade volume accounted for more than 5% of total world’s trade volume, export of goods and services account for about 25% of GDP(3)

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