Dumpster Diving Essay

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Professor Trish Ivey
English 1101-40404
4 February 2015

Lars Eighner Dumpster Diving Experience

Dumpster diving has been going on for decades all around the world. In Lars Eighner’s article, “Dumpster Diving,” he talks about his life struggles and what drove him to dumpster dive. The life he lived was not perfect, but he did everything he could survive. Sometimes life can be a struggle but not always. When life hands you lemons-make lemonade. The word dumpster is a proprietary word belonging to the Dampsey Dumpster Company. Dumpster diving is when a person is digging (searching) through a dumpster full of trash or other items. Eighner wasn’t dumpster diving his entire life; however, he started about a year before he became
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So he hid behind things- waiting until nightfall. Next, he begin to understand that people throw away perfectly good items. After realizing that, his shyness ends up disappearing. Finally, he can’t control himself while finding all manner of great things. I believe that readers will react with pity, disgust, and sympathy. The reason I say pity and sympathy is because no one wants to see anybody down on their luck that bad. Some will react disgusted because eating out of a dumpster is very nasty. Eighner made this decision for himself, whether we like it or not; nobody has to accept it but him. I don’t think the author is being hard on college students. I say this because most college students do exactly what he said they do. They throw away things whether it’s good or bad. His characterizations seemed very accurate to me. As a college student myself, I should know. This article is very different from most articles that I have read in the past. I feel that dumpster diving is very disgusting, but I can’t judge anybody. Everybody’s life is not pure gold which means everybody live different lives. The world can be full of surprises; we just have to be prepared for the good and the bad. Eighner turned what would normally be a nasty experience into a form of art. He saw all the good things that we would never she unless we were in his shoes. Through the good and bad Eighner finds the art of dumpster diving as a lifelong

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