Dues Paying Blindness By Tracy Greene Essay examples

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Dues Paying Blindness
The phone rings around 7:30 on a cool, breezy night in early June, and since the Talking Caller ID announces, “Call from … Mom,” Tracy Greene answers the landline, which he keeps because his mother Helen Greene is 88 and several months, and she does not know his cell number offhand and probably never will. He has been sitting around the apartment binge-watching Season Three of The Walking Dead on Netflix in his white tank top and blue striped boxers for the better part of the afternoon, washer and dryer running, a batch of yogurt culturing in the slow cooker with another four hours to go, and a batch of chicken stock simmering on the back burner, a typical Sunday evening. He is about to turn 51 and still gets a kick out of chatting with his mom on the phone. She gets a kick out of helping him teach, which is how he knew she would be the perfect candidate for an interview for his English 1010 class. Lucky for him she agreed, and is, not surprisingly, diligent. Slipping on the headset, he answers, “Hey, Ma,” and returns to his recliner, picks up the remote, flicks off the Blu-Ray player, switches the input to the laptop, and opens up the file with the interview questions. He already knows why she has called. Sitting at the kitchen table, talking on a Panasonic cordless, a garnet red water glass in front of her, wearing an old pair of blue jeans and a blue long-sleeve t-shirt she got for Mother’s Day, she says, “Hi, Tray.” She calls him by the name…

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