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The Dying Newspaper
Assignment 1: Newspaper Assessment
Lois Reed
Professor Will Moses
MKT100 – Principles of Marketing
November 6, 2012

The Dying Newspaper
The newspaper (print) has been a part of American households for decades. The subject matter to be discussed: the exchange of news information in the networked future, the impact of the transition to digital journalism and the decline of the local newspaper. The information will show the drop in print viewership due to news being more readily available through social media and other Internet options.
The Dying Newspaper
The purpose of this product assessment is to investigate obsolesces of the print newspaper which has been on a steady decline in
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This author believes the reason why the newspaper is declining in popularity is a lack of interest amongst the younger generation who has come into an era of mechanization. Secondly, the online Internet versions are touching the newspapers by means of communication and thirdly, the globalization of social media; Internet and digital computers have a tremendous influence worldwide. To categorize different stages of development groups, Teens have the most spending power for the reason of access to information and well knowledge and attractive buyer. The analyses of Teens are focus on the home décor, which is a huge market for commerce. A number of Teens are known for electronic means comprised by the use of cell phones, Internet, video games, etc. In addition, Teen’s primary focus is on social networking for expediency. One more group is the Generation Y, and they are called the optimistic…they are known for a career lifestyle. Generation Y have characteristics that include: inquisitive, opinionated, and diverse and many more. Generation X is known as the latchkey children because of both parents working. Furthermore Generation X is more protective and passionate about their children. What’s more Generation X is the major suppliers in the wholesale market commodity. Last of all the Baby Boomers are known for rebirth on life. The Baby Boomers spend a lot of personal wealth and spend

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