Essay about Duddy Kravitz as an Anti Hero

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Lindsey M. Burns
Ms. Helen MacDonnel
English IB 1, Higher Level
10 October 2013
Duddy as an Anti-Hero In his novel, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Mordecai Richler portrays the character of Duddy as an anti-hero. Richler develops Duddy in this way through close relationships with other characters and family members. Various negative traits of Duddy were shown in his business career as well. Mordecai Richler developed the character of Duddy as an anti-hero to highlight complexity in individual people.
Throughout the entire novel, Duddy idolizes businessmen he meets and develops various personality traits through these relationships. After graduating from high school, he has a summer job waiting tables at Rubin’s hotel outside
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(Richler 82).
Mordecai Richler uses sense imagery to paint a picture in the readers mind to understand what Duddy is focused on. The businessmen who are avoiding the sunny areas illustrates the symbolic relationship between darkness and their personalities. Duddy also picked up the lack of respect towards women from watching the men. He brought these insignificant and unbeneficial things into his business. He treated his girlfriend horribly, and he showed little interest into the quality of his products and more about his image. The relationship between businessmen and Duddy highlights excessive greed and dishonesty. Duddy was willing to give up every positive thing in his world to make a few dollars, and he failed to realize at the end of the novel he had yet to prosper from the young misbehaved boy he had once been. He lost all the meaningful relationships he had made in his life time from his awful business motivation. He did achieve one thing he set out to do, obtaining land, but he did not earn the land honestly. Duddy’s complexity was shown in his relationship with his uncle, Benjy. Uncle Benjy is Jewish, and was motivated to have the image of a wealthy English man. He owns a successful dress-making factory that Duddy worked at when he was thirteen. Benjy is very wealthy, but his factory is not a pleasant workplace, and he is not a great man to work for. Duddy realized at this job how poorly his uncle treated him. Years after the job, Benjy asked

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