Dubai Logistics City Project Is The World 's Integrated Logistics

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Dubai Logistics city project is the world 's first integrated logistics and multi-modal transport platform - with the new Dubai Logistics City (DLC), Jebel Ali Port and Free Zone and the new Jebel Ali International Airport (JXB) at its core. It is set up as another free zone in the desert, for reasons of vast expansion possibilities and close proximity of Jebel Ali International Airport which benefits companies for the perfect tri-modality within a single customs bond. Furthermore it is very easy to change freight from air, sea, or land transportation to neighboring countries as well as further locations. The reasons that have led to this project was although the existing facilities in the Dubai cargo village are considered to be the best in the region there were two significant problems. Firstly, the logistics service providers face significant operational constraints in cargo handling. Secondly, there is no, or only limited, capability to meet growing demand of value added logistics. The main cause for these problems would be the location of Dubai international airport located in the middle of a developed city. The decision to set up a branch of Schmidt and Partners Logistics Solution should take into consideration the effects on the company and its customers. When deciding to set up a branch the company has to look at different factors and issues such as if the facility give access to customers, workers, transportation, and materials (Inman, 2014). Furthermore the…

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