Dubai Case Study

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Mariah Norris
Edward Joffe
Intro to Hospitality
21 November 2016
Doing Business Overseas
The hotel chain HomeAway, a brand new state-of-the-art resort, is looking for a new destination. The hotel corporation believes in blending in the city’s culture with the ambiance of the hotel and bringing guests in from all over the world to experience it. HomeAway wants their guests to immerse themselves in a new culture and make it home. To truly live in a destination, not just visit. This concept is hitting home runs all over. The next destination to be is Dubai.
Attraction to city: “Dubai’s position as a regional commercial hub supports world-class trade exhibitions and conferences, presenting venues for American firms to reach buyers
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“As a leader of gender equality in economics, government, education and health, the UAE has been named one of the region’s pioneer” (Women in the UAE). There are parts of the Middle East that have huge discrimination problems, however women in Dubai hold government positions. The state legislations in the UAE do not discriminate on the basis of gender with respect to education or employment.
Currency Issues: The UAE has a currency known as dirham. Because of the strong international influence in Dubai, there is a common ground with the US dollar. 1 U.S. dollar = 3.6725 dirhams. It is “All banknotes are issued by the UAE Central Bank and are printed in English on one side, and Arabic on the other” (Punnet). Larger shopping malls and dining now accept US dollars and also have money changers.
Economic Environment: United States already has an established economic relationship with UAE. “The United States provides Export and Border Security assistance to the UAE” (United Arab Emirates). Much of the economic environment comes from their strong foundation of vast oil and gas prosperity. The UAE also acts as the headquarters for international business in the Middle East. The US and the UAE share similar values on international economic growth and are therefore are a key partner for many
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The Atlantis Palm has been a big hit all around the world. However, I think that a desert safari type hotel would be a peaceful change of pace and become the perfect rival for the Atlantis Palm which is located on the peninsula of the city and has a typical beach central focus. The main districts in Dubai are Al Quoz, Jumeirah, The Creek, Downtown Dubai, and the Marina. Al Quoz is where heavy industry sits alongside high art. The Creek is the cultural heart of the city and the place to experience Old Dubai. Downtown Dubai is a stylish and cosmopolitan place to relax and unwind. The Marina is a great place to eat, drink and shop, all at the waters edge. Lastly the Jumeirah is a café culture where Dubai residents spend time. This type of scenery will place focus on the culture of United Arab Emirates. Its not just another beach resort. A competitive advantage over the Atlantis Palm would be the residents in the Jumeirah area sharing their lifestyle with the

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