Duane Morris Case Analyses Essay

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Duane Morris Case Analyses

1. What factors have led to Duane Morris's success? What prompted their late-1990s growth spurt? 2. How should Duane Morris plan to integrate their new acquisition? 3. What are the biggest risks faced by the firm in the next 5-10 years?
Duane Morris strategy evolved over time while leveraging its history. The strategy was shaped by its environment, resources and leadership. The degree of congruence between the people, the tasks, the informal and formal organization was relatively high, which led to a successful growth and profitability. * Duane Morris compensation structure is one factor that was well aligned with the company’s strategy from formal organization perspective and led to its
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Since they were already mid-size and doing well they decide to grow. This prompted the strategy they took to grow and not stay small or mid-size.

* What drove growth in the 90’s is the changing industry trend to more national than merely regional. Their corporate clients evolved to be national and global and they had to be able to service these clients in all cities and wider range of practice needs. As a result of customer change the competition is changing and either becoming specialized boutique law firm or a big national firm to meet these changing needs. As a result of customer and competition, the company had to change to stay in sync. Duane Morris response was to acquire companies and expand. Duane Morris's culture has some aspect to it that were easily scalable and some that were not. * Its collaborative culture and not competitive (not stealing each other’s clients) is scalable especially with assistance of technology, such as their CRM system that was also integrated with systems. Such systems allow more easily sharing information across offices, practice groups and globally, supporting collaboration. Furthermore, using such systems to obtain information and data to make decisions is also easily scalable. * The firm’s appreciation of individual’s strengths is also scalable, though the process will need to be adjusted. Talking to everyone on the team

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