Essay On Dualism

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Based on a Metaphysical World
There are a plethora of religions worldwide many of which subscribe to the existence of a higher power. However, Christianity is one of the major religions who have spread worldwide. There is great discussion of whether the God of Christianity actually exist and can be proven by evidence scientifically and philosophically. However, although I believe the God does exist, I do not believe there is satisfactory evidence for nonbelievers without taking the step to believe and have faith. Despite of this, the God of Christianity is sound to believe to exist through philosophical reasoning based on the functioning and existence of morality, a belief in metaphysical world and dualism. Through belief in a metaphysical
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The separation of the mind and the body further alludes to Christian beliefs and accepts the presence of a Christian God. This same God who breathed life into humanity and shared his spirit. Dualism acknowledges a metaphysical world and connects humanity to this world; thus, we are connected to God. Aku Visala wrote in an article published by the Journal od Religion and Science about the dualism theory stating, “First, it identifies a similarity between God and humans.This similarity is being a person, which is in turn grounded in mental functioning. It runs personhood and the mental together to make sense of the personality of God and humans” (Visala). Being made in the image of God, and carry similar attributes gives insight to the very nature of God. As we have personality and character, God has a peculiar nature. Dualism supports the very foundation of the creation of humanity. Visala continues by saying, “The uniquely human mental capacities are also the capacities that make human beings personal beings. It is the capacity for intellect or rationality and subsequent freedom that make humans more than animals, namely, persons with intrinsic value. The intrinsic value of the personal is grounded in God” We have the same capacities to relate connect and understand God. The separation of humanity to the mind and the body gives further evidence and justification to believing in the existence and activity of

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