Fences Questions And Answers

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Bryan Alvizures March 6,2018
Mr. Amoroso. Period 9

Concept questions

3 In the play “Fences” by August Wilson, Troy(the main character) has a a type of dualistic nature within him. Sometimes he teaches lessons while sometimes he shows complete anger and no control. On page 66 he states “ I’m trying to find a way to tell you ...I’m gonna be a daddy. I’m gonna be somebody’s daddy.” Troy is showing himself as a person who doesn’t respect his wife and went out to have a baby with another woman. Yet on page 38 he states “ A man of the House got to take care of his family.” You see the way he acts on different occasions? Troy says that the man of the house got to take care of his family, while he is going out and having a baby
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On page 52 is states “ I picked up them same reins that he had used on me.” Here is when Troy hit his father when he took away his girlfriend; Troy’s father used to hit Troy every time when he didn’t do work, making it quite frequent. Until one day Troy finally had enough strength to defend himself. When he did that he said he believed that he saw the devil himself, his father beat him hard that he left him laying down on the ground. After this day Troy left the house( he was 14 years old), at this point he fully became a man and went out from the house. On page 54 Troy said “messing around there and went from being bad to worse, started stealing”. Keep in mind that for Troy...stealing was his only option to be able to survive, eventually he went to jail. Within Troy and Lyons u can also use this adage, on page 94 it states “ I thought I was being slick cashing other people’s check.” Showing that Lyons also began to steal like Troy. Troy and his son Lyons both were incarcerated because of the same reason, stealing. Even if you feel that’s a lie; but somehow a sin from ur father will always come back to you in your …show more content…
Rose is someone who went through many obstacles, especially because of her skin color, and didn’t give up not even once. On page 98 it states “ And if the lord see fit to keep up my strength...I’m gonna do her just like you daddy did you... I’m gonna give her the best of what’s in me.” Rose shows that’s even though Raynell (the baby) isn’t hers, she still is going to treat her like her own and to give Raynell what she couldn’t give the babies that she didn’t have. Also on page 71 she says “I took all my feelings, my wants and needs, my dreams... and I buried them inside you” . Rose clearly shows the sacrifices that she made in order to make Troy and her happy together, yet Troy still went out to be in another woman’s bed and have a baby. This is Something that Rose forgave Troy for doing, but she never is going to forget; the consequences Troy got was that he lost Rose as his wife. Now Rose went through many obstacles during her life, and still managed to defeat them and to raise Raynell as her own child. Rose as a woman sacrifices many things but also shows the feelings that she has towards certain things. She forgave Troy for what he did but she still loves the baby like no other. She showed Troy that she still has dignity when she said on page 79 “from right now this child got a mother. But you are a womanless man.” She showed Troy that things like that are never forgotten in a person, that she can survive on her

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