Dual Source Technology And The Revolutionary Stellar Detectors

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SOMATOM Definition Flash
Unique to the SOMATOM Definition Flash are its Dual Source technology and the revolutionary Stellar Detectors. They make it possible to scan virtually any patient, both at very low radiation and contrast dose – no matter whether the patient has an unstable heart condition, cannot hold his breath, or is obese, very tall, poly-traumatized, or a moving child. Its unmatched innovations include a 78 cm gantry bore, 307 kg capacity, 2 x 100 kW, 2 m scan range, whole-organ perfusion coverage, and 75 ms temporal resolution.

Pediatric chest & body CT. Without sedation.
The SOMATOM Definition Flash scan speed resulted in a scan time of a fraction of a second for the whole chest and body, and we could show that there is no longer a need for any means of sedation Flash Spiral scanning means examinations can be fully diagnostic, even when children are awake or agitated. This shortens preparation time, may eliminate repetition of scans, minimizes aftercare, and – most importantly – can eliminate risks of sedation and general an aesthesia in pediatric CT. Chest CT. Without breath-hold.
With SOMATOM Definition Flash spiral scanning, breath-hold and motion lose their significance, as an entire thorax can be scanned in only 0.6 seconds. CT of the lung can be accomplished using the HPM (high-pitch mode) at a low radiation dose with a diagnostic image quality even without suspended respiration.

Triple Rule-Out. Routinely below 2 mSv.
For Triple Rule-Out, the…

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