Beethoven Symphony 9 Lymphonie Fantastique

The unity of music is related to the music structures. People followed the musical structures and expected the direction or message of the music. In the 18th century, the most of the music had almost same musical structures and forms. Most of music in this period progressed to the same ways and the structures and forms had conventional elements. Historically, the music became less conventional after the French revolution and the composers had been interested in their own identities for their music. In the 19th century, composers, like Schoenberg, represented their identities and thoughts more and it leads to the discovery of atonal music. By the time goes by, the music getting harder to understand in 20th century but the audience still want …show more content…
To explain the thematic function in the music, Beethoven symphony no.5, no.9 and Beriloz symphonie fantastique show the detail explanations. The thematic recall has structure functions in Beethoven symphony no.5 because it works as structural marker. The thematic recall happened in 4th mvt of no.5. In the development section of 4th mvt, the scherzo theme from 3rd mvt comes back. While the scherzo does not end, it works as a transition to link to 4th mvt. Because of this structural setting and the thematic recall, two movements join together and work together. The recall section sounds like the echo and it creates the coherence of music. Besides of the relationship between 3rd mvt and 4th mvt, 1st mvt and 3rd mvt are also related to each other. 3rd mvt scherzo theme is also the recalled material of the 1st mvt. In other words, to bring the scherzo theme in 4th mvt is not only remind of the material of 3rd mvt but it is actually blending all piece together (1, 2, 3, 4 movements). Like the thematic functions in symphony no.5, symphony no. 9 demonstrates the musical effects of thematic materials. Significantly, finale contains many quoted material from previous movements. Since the quoted materials are from the near movements, it has connection with previous movements also it tells us what is going to be next. It takes a crucial role to express the narrative message and musical effects. Similarly, Belioz fantastique also has highlighted features of recalling thematic material. This piece is well known as ‘program music (symphony)’ which explains the music to help for the audiences’ better understanding. The noticeable setting in this piece is “idée fixe”. The using of “idée fixe” in 2nd, 3rd movements gives unity of whole music. The same material used in different instruments and it makes the whole piece as a one unity. The

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