Dthovek Symphony No. 9 Analysis

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The unity of music is related to the music structures. People followed the musical structures and expected the direction or message of the music. In the 18th century, the most of the music had almost same musical structures and forms. Most of music in this period progressed to the same ways and the structures and forms had conventional elements. Historically, the music became less conventional after the French revolution and the composers had been interested in their own identities for their music. In the 19th century, composers, like Schoenberg, represented their identities and thoughts more and it leads to the discovery of atonal music. By the time goes by, the music getting harder to understand in 20th century but the audience still want …show more content…
In the Dvorak, the theme recalling maintains the characteristic of whole music meanwhile the role of theme recalling more focus to work as a structural marker in Beethoven symphony no.5 and no.9. 1st mvt of Dvorak no.9 consists of the main themes and its repeating. The interesting thing in this piece is that the following 2nd, 3rd, 4th movements are all directly connected to 1st mvt theme. 2nd mvt contains the similar rhythmic patter with 1st movement’s rhythm and the 1st mvt main theme is coming back at the middle of the 2nd mvt. 3rd mvt (scherzo) also bring the theme of 1st mvt to purpose of transition. Dvorak brings the motif and uses it for making transition when the music goes to contrasting section. 4th movement also has the elements of 1st mvt theme. When the music goes from scherzo section to trio and trio section to coda, the motif are used as a transition in both sections. Not only the transitional purpose, coda section referring the 1st mvt again and all materials (1st main theme, slow mvt, scherzo them, 4th mvt theme) come back and merging together. Those thematic settings maintain the same character through the entire piece and it generates the feeling that 4 movements are just one message/

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