Drunk Driving Solution

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving or MADD, in the article “MADD-Drunk Driving,” “290,000 people are injured from drunk driving accidents yearly”. Out of those 290,000 people, about 10,000 people are killed from drinking and driving (Impaired Driving: Get the Facts). The loss of 10,000 people yearly could be prevented, only of people could make one choice. This choice affects 290,000 people yearly. The choice is to not drink and drive. Drunk driving is a problem all around the world that people turn a blind eye to. If only the world opened up their eyes to the seriousness of drunk driving, the deaths and casualties because of this action could decline. Once people fully understand that causes, effects, and solutions of drinking and driving, it will …show more content…
No matter how many drinks you have had, statistics show either way you are likely to crash because of them. Alcoholics and binge drinkers do not know how to control their alcohol or control themselves, this is why they are a big part of alcohol related accidents. High school kids are drinking at parties but then wanting to leave after they have drank 4 to 6 beers. No one thinks about the problem or stops these kids, which it can lead to them getting in a car accident and injuring themselves or someone else. Being drunk makes it hard for people to focus, see the road lines, and taking control. Alcohol does not allow you to drive properly. The consequences of being intoxicated while driving are sometimes fatal, but always serious. Men have been responsible for ⅘ episodes (81%) of drinking a drinking (Drinking and Driving: A Crash Course). This does not mean that women have never been involved in a car accident because of alcohol. In Los Angeles, CA, a woman was arrested on January 06, 2016 for drunk driving. She was driving, struck a parked car, and hit 3 pedestrians. One of three pedestrians died on the scene and the other

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