Drunk Driving : Drunk Car Essay

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Drunk Driving Repercussions
Drunk driving has been and continues to be an extremely serious issue. It affects so many in different ways, from the drunk driver, the person they hit, and all of the families involved. One of the biggest concerns is that the penalties for Driving Under the Influence have not been as strong as what it should be. Too many times in the past you will read or hear about someone being arrested for DUI and they either get a fine and no sentence or a very minimal sentence. Fortunately, the positive part of this issue is that throughout the years, the awareness as to the dangers of drunk driving are becoming more prevalent. Especially because of social media and the advancement of technology. It used to be that if you were charged with a DUI it would be printed somewhere on page 50 of the local newspaper, (or not at all) and then it was just never discussed. Nowadays, newspapers, television, the internet, as well as the media as a whole has played a much stronger role in getting the word out about the seriousness of the issue. Even car makers (Which Car industries?)and the Department of Transportation are working together to prevent drunk drivers from being able to operate a car. In the article, “Soon, Cars May Take Away the Keys of a Drunken Driver” it states that “they have unveiled the latest steps toward developing anti-drunken-driving technology that would allow a car to detect divers impaired by alcohol and stop them from turning on the car. Auto…

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