Drunk Drivers Who Cause Accidents With Fatalities Essay

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Drunk drivers who cause accidents with fatalities should be charged with murder.

There should be no surprise that drunk driving is a immense problem in our country. The penalties for drunk driving have increased because of the impact it causes on families who lose their children, fathers, mothers, or other family members to death and/or disability. So when individual take the risk of drinking and driving, they are taking the risk on the lives that are out there and of their own. People who are on the road, who know the rules of road, should be charged with murder. As a society, we should be aware with our action, especially when people lives are involved.

I believe people who are repeating offender should be responsible for their actions when they put another individual life at risk. No matter what age you are, the laws should not be exempt when obtain a driver license. We all know that the same rules and responsibilities of the road just like everyone else. So when you go out on that road intoxicated, you take the risk of hurting someone’s family, friend, or loved one because you decided to not take your actions seriously. So when it falls down to it, you should be charged with murder.

For instance, a New Jersey man named Joshua Malmgren who caused a car accident and killed 13 year old Ashley Dauber and 15 year old Nioami Lazicki-Gaston. He was texting while driving and also went to the liquor store 3 times already before the accident happened. He killed…

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