Drugstore Vs High End Makeup Essay

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Drugstore vs High End Makeup The argument between drugstore and high end makeup products is a growing dispute as drugstore makeup brands alter products to compete with the high-end brands that beauty gurus rave about. The internet is full of tutorials, reviews, and “dupes” regarding drug store products and the comparisons between those and their high end counter parts. High end makeup has often been about the brand name label more than the product itself, just because the name has been associated with good quality, but recently drugstore makeup has become better than ever and is now competing with those high end brands. Regarding just the hefty price tag placed on designer makeup products, a person buying a luxurious brand will automatically feel better about themselves because they have the money to purchase an expensive item (divine caroline). The pricy item also gives them a sense of respect as if buying that item will impress other people. Sometimes, those substantial costs are due to scientific research paid for by the manufacturers, other times it is the cost of a celebrity spokesperson or fancy packaging (What are the pros and cons...). Organic materials often tend to be more expensive than materials coming from non organic sources and the more natural ingredients in the product, the more the price is going to go up (What are the pros and cons...). Price subtly leads the consumer to believe that if a product cost one hundred dollars, then it must be ten times as…

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