Essay about Drugs Used During Labor During The Years

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Drugs Used During Labor
Throughout the years, medicine has become and still is one of the most evolving factors in our world today. Various doctors were not able to help find a way to help women bear the pain during labor. Women were just hoping that their baby would turn out healthy, no matter what they consumed or did. Many were not able to live with their child and died, sometimes along with the baby. Some nurses and doctors would only help deliver the baby, weigh it, check to see if it was healthy, tell the mother and leave. This problem was fixed rapidly. Women are now presented with a selection of drugs to help bear the pain during labor and the amount is dependent on the type of drug. They are given daily check-ups with their doctor before and after birth. Some women only go through labor for a short period of time due to the drugs they used. The numerous amount of drugs has steadily increased and each one brings promising results with some slight drawbacks. The drugs used in labor such as epidurals, opiates, and narcotics contain risks and benefits; however, they could have the potential to harm the baby’s first few hours of life.
Women, who are pregnant, can send damaging chemicals to the baby, causing them to possess severe birth defects. If these damaging chemicals involve drugs, they must be safe to consume. In 1957, a sedative called thalidomide was marketed. It was believed that it was safe. Thalidomide was accounted for thousands of deaths of…

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