Essay on Drugs That Changed The World

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PHAR1101– Drugs that Changed the World


This exercise requires you to conduct library-based research into a pioneering researcher who helped discover and develop an important drug. Please choose a pioneer from the Table on page 13 of the PHAR1101 Handbook. Perform background research on your pioneer and then write your answers in the blank squares below. Submit your Report via by Oct 23.
Word Limit = 1,000 words

Name of Pioneer:
(first name, family name, nicknames, etc) Felix Hoffman

Date and Location of Birth
(e.g. in which town, state and country was the pioneer born)

Hoffmann was born on the 21st of January, 1868 in the largest city of Germanys Ludwigsburg District, Ludwigsburg.
Any Relevant Family History
(e.g. parents or siblings with medical or scientific training) Felix’s father was a manufacturer. Hoffmann had initial aspirations to become a pharmacist, stemming from his fascination that entailed after employment in many pharmacists in German cities. He directed his attention towards chemistry as he felt a chemical knowledge would be beneficial in his future endeavors.
Educational background and training for scientific career
(e.g. which school, university or college did the Pioneer attend, did they study medicine or science (e.g. biology, chemistry, etc)

With his previously stated interest in chemistry Hoffman decided to broaden his knowledge in this field by studying chemistry at the University of Munich.…

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