Drugs Should Be Banned In Sports Essay

Drugs Should Be Banned In Sports
There has been much discussion about drugs should be banned in sports, because it is really dangerous for the athlete 's life. Taking drugs to get extra energy for athletes has been a debatable issue for years. People who support drugs in sports think that winning is the most importing thing in life, they don’t care what could happen to the one who take it. However, in reality it is not good for the health and it causes a lot of health issues. Everyone knows it can affect every part of your body and it can end your career if they find out what you’re taking. Because athletes want to improve and perform better in a short time they pay a lot of money to buy drugs. The sports people have stopped this because drugs in sport should not continue it is so risky.

One main reason for this argument is that drugs can kill the athletes so sport players have to be careful they have to make sure that they can avoid all kinds of drugs. Most of the athletes they you use it for extra energy so they can perform better and be so focused it affect
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It may be true that doping let the players to perform better. However, it is wrong they have to stop drugs in sport because it have many effect in the human body and it also destroy your reputation. In “Effects of PEDs,’’ USADA (2014) in the author article he said that it have many bad things for the body and a lot of side effect that can put the athlete life in dangerous. If someone said that doping will not do anything to you, be sure that he want to destroy you. Likewise, it is also important to remember that drugs will shows if the athlete started to play big tournaments they will test him and chick if he is taking anything. All athlete have to provide any source of doping to live a happy sport life without troubles and spending a lot of

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