Essay on Drugs : Drugs And Drugs

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Hardcore drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine, were once legal and used for medicinal purposes. However, the side effects and abuse of the drug was the reason to take the drugs off the shelves. People started to use the drug for the wrong reason. For instance, heroin used to be used as children’s cough syrup. The cough medicine became very popular and people would get heroin prescribed to them to use it for recreational purposes. After America and other countries noticed how bad the cough syrup effected people, the medicine was quickly removed from the shelves and banned by the FDA.
Today, when abuse of drugs is being discussed, people normally think of street drugs. However, medications can become just as addictive as street drugs. Drugs come in several forms such as pills, liquids, plants, etc. Medicines are normally used to help with curing a person with poor health conditions. On the contrary, people are buying prescription drugs for their personal satisfaction. Taking unusual large doses of prescription drugs and purchasing the medicine without a doctor’s consent is considered misuse. Misusing prescription drugs could result in abusing the medicine and becoming addicted. Misusing prescription drugs could cause addiction that could lead to extreme health risk and potentially death. Most people believe that if the medicine is on the shelf and approved by the government, then it is safe. At the same time, the government sets consumption regulations,…

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