Drugs : Drugs And Drugs Essay

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"I 'm Not Addicted," Says Every Addict Drugs are substances that can alter a person’s physical or mental state. Drugs have the ability to speed up or slow down a person’s central nervous system, cause hallucinations, and most importantly, relieve stress. There are prescription drugs that are used by people with medical conditions, but there are also others who abuse illegal drugs or prescription drugs despite the health problems that come with it. Addicts constantly deny their addiction and claim that they can stop whenever they choose, and others will even tell themselves that it is necessary to take the drugs for their own make-believe medical conditions. However, drugs and alcohol contain certain chemicals that make them addictive if a person overuses them. Drug addicts choose to believe that drugs are a solution to their problems, but it has been proven that it becomes the problem in the end. In American literature and history, Americans have been characterized as people who rely upon drugs and alcohol to aid them through life.
For the past 20 years, CASAColumbia, a science-based organization, have consistently conducted research and published reports that includes statistics on abuse of alcohol and drugs:
40 million Americans ages 12 and older —or more than 1 in 7 people— have addiction involving nicotine, alcohol or other drugs. This is more than the number of Americans with heart conditions (27 million), diabetes (26 million) or cancer (19 million) (Addiction).…

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