Drugs : Drugs And Drugs Essay

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The drug epidemic in America is something that is hard to overlook these days. More and more people are dying from illicit drug overdoses and prescription drug overdoses. Pharmaceutical companies continue to create new drugs for new problems. Illicit drugs continue to be manufactured both internationally and domestically, being sold in every city across the nation. For Americans, medication has become a normal part of life. The media has played a significant role in how we view this epidemic. Our human tendencies urge us to believe that someone or something needs to be blamed for the enormous amount of deaths caused by drugs. Philip Alcabes’s “Medication Nation” seeks to uncover the truth about drug use in the United States. His background in public health along with his logical reasoning creates a captivating article that makes his audience ponder on the real reason our country loves medication. Alcabes uses ethos, pathos, and logos to shed light on the misconception and over-prescribing of medication in America.
In an attempt to relate with his audience, the author begins the article by sharing his background and his use of medication for various reasons throughout his life. This leads into his idea that the United States has become reliant on medication, and our distinction between legitimate use and recreational use has become skewed. The readers are presented with overwhleming facts and statistics regarding the use of drugs along with the death tolls from…

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