Drugs Can Make A Person Go Crazy Essay example

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Humans are self-aware and, for this reason, also fortunate enough to make their own decisions. Some people make decisions based on their future, and some on their happiness. Though there are a few less fortunate people that can not make their own decisions or chose the wrong one. One bad decision can ruin the rest of someone 's life. People that take drugs instantly make a different future for themselves. When people take drugs for the first time, the possibility that they will become addicted and feel a physical need for the drug increases significantly. Drugs can make a person go crazy. Their body starts to crave it and, powered by an intense addiction and their altered mind, they will do anything to get it. If a drug addict gets in trouble for having drugs on them, instead of sending them to a hospital for medical or mental reasons, they are sent off to jail. Locking up an addict in an enclosed area will drive them even more insane than any drugs could.
Drug use and its following addiction is not always a conscious, personal choice. Some people are brought up with an “easily addicted” gene, where with just a few puffs they can become addicted. In other cases, children are brought up in families that are very familiar with drugs. For example, parents that use cocaine and heroin when pregnant or with an infant tend to pass on the same habits to the child. Children with addicted parents are “the highest risk group to become alcohol or drug abusers due to both genetic and…

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