Essay on Drugs Are Not The Way Of The Light

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Layne Staley explains in his quote “Drugs are not the way to the light. They won’t lead to a fairy tale life, they lead to suffering”. His statement reports and reveals that still today, illegal drug abusers around the world deals with drug punishments. These illegal drug abusers consume are able to control their mind into believing that taking the drug is a necessity and not a want. Most people who are dealing with drug abuse and addiction never realize that they need help and rehabilitation. Illegal drugs are a huge risk issue around the world due to fatal effects, addiction, and long rehabilitation processes. The illegal drugs continued throughout this statement of principles are just a few of the many risk taking abused substances that are punished around the world. Marijuana is one of the main addictive drugs that are abused in society. Marijuana is an addictive drug that is made from a plant called the cannabis sativa hemp plant (Silverstein, 63). In addition, marijuana users have many choices and options for the substance to be dissolved throughout the body. According to the book, there are approximately 400 different chemicals that are toxic and can do harm to the body (Silverstein, 63). The author emphasizes that marijuana has too many unsafe substances that can cause harm and disasters to the human body. As people keep abusing this drug, more fatal illnesses and affects can occur during the humans’ existence on Earth. Marijuana has many dangerous effects for…

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