Essay on Drugs And Its Effects On The Middle Of The Night

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Illicit Use
A fleeting rush of adrenaline is worth cold sweats in the middle of the night. We inhale them and feel relief, so we kill and maim for them. Despite all the awful things drugs make us do, people keep coming back for more. Addicts rob gas stations, gang bangers push coke across the border and force children to deal. Anti-drug messages are pushed through the education system while parents beg their children to just say no. Drugs are bad. Prominent in human history they are; entire countries have become addicted, namely China during the Opium War. Their dangers are not unknown, yet we allow them to destroy pieces of our society. What allows drugs to tear people apart? Many reasons exist, but principally, the effect of circulation is self-perpetuating crime. Crime, however, is only an overarching result of two key principles: gang violence and addiction.
Quite directly, drugs support gangs, as trafficking is one of the core delinquencies committed by these groups (Sacco). Presenting revenue to its participants and creating higher status sustain organized crime and attracts new members. Gangs are the some of the most notorious forces in violent crime: “In a typical year in the so-called “gang capitals” of Chicago and Los Angeles, around half of all homicides are gang-related; these two cities alone accounted for approximately one in four gang homicides recorded in the NYGS from 2011 to 2012” (NGC). Gang violence is on the rise; gang-related homicides have increased…

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