Drugs And Its Effects On Society Essay example

1780 Words May 20th, 2016 null Page
Drugs are becoming more and more prevalent in today 's world and it is more accessible. However these drugs are not pure and are often tampered with by the seller. This mixture of drugs causes worse effects and deaths due to the chemical reactions. The Netherlands however have figured out the answer. They legalized most drugs and sold them in clinics in safe and medicinal amounts. This has affected their death rate to a total of 0 from overdoses. They boosted their economy and created jobs all while solving their drug problems. Cocaine was a huge problem, but now it is virtually irrelevant for the Netherlands. Often when there are limits we put on people, they just want to cross it and rebel. We as humans want what we can’t have just because we were told we couldn’t. I know legalizing these kinds of drugs sounds insane especially since we are trying to stop our drug problems, but why is it working then? There should be no more mothers who lost their children to drugs, no more dead kids involved with gangs and drugs. Drugs are a huge problem in this country and there needs to be an end to it.
It is sad to see how badly this problem has gotten and how it is only growing here in America. There is such a big debate on what to do with this situation. What could possibly be the best solution? We thought we had the answer many years ago as well, but only with a different problem, alcohol. The 18th amendment was the banning of alcohol and we thought this would fix broken…

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