Drugs And Its Effects On Children Essay

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According to one study as many as 34% of students in a large public institution of higher education in the United States of America have used ADHD stimulants illegally (Desantis and Hane par. 5) This alarmingly high number begs the questions: Are these drugs dangerous? Do people think that it is okay to use neuroenhancers? And could they potentially benefit people?
Neuroenhancing drugs are mostly used to increase the focus and concentration of someone with a mental disorder such as ADHD. Although illegal, these drugs are often used without a prescription by students. At one American university, 6.9% of students had admitted to using Adderall at least once in college (Desantis and Hane par. 4). This same study found that 81% of participants think that illegal use of Adderall is “’not dangerous at all’ or only ‘slightly dangerous’” and 0 of 175 admitted that stimulants posed a ‘” significant health risk’” (Desantis and Hane par. 6)
There is some evidence that these drugs can increase cognitive abilities, but there have been no conclusive studies that examined the negative side-effects of these drugs when used for non-medical reasons (Lucke, Bell, Partridge, and Hall par. 10). This suggests that neuroenhancing drugs could be used for the betterment of society. If effective, these drugs can make people more efficient at learning and at their jobs, increasing the productivity of the workforce. However, we don’t fully know the repercussions of using neuroenhancing drugs without a…

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