Drugs And Drugs In The A Team By Ed Sheeran

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The song “The A Team" written and song by Ed Sheeran tells us the story of a young girl quite timid at first a pure as the ocean. As I watch the music video it show 's a group of friends pure pressuring her into drinking about try a hit of cocaine. This highly addicting drug which is considered a class a drug can ruin lives and destroy ones image. This sound to me was written as if it was a psa to show the trouble you face with drugs and prostitution and the harm it can do to you.
As the song goes on Ed Sheeran keeps comparing her to this class a drug she is known highly addicted to and it 's overwhelming here and she can no longer be a normal human being. “Struggling to pay rent". It 's something lots of people go through who have run addictions.
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“The worst things in life come free to us", this line means that nothing free is good if you don’t have to work for it. Sheeran, gives a good step by step image of the girl who is clearly trouble and will eventually die. It 's wrong that no one can help her overcome her addiction with men only wanting to use this girl for one thing such as sex is sad. It 's clear that she doesn’t want to but she has two side and one being her drug addiction. Which is the main topic of the song drugs and prostitution and a lonely girl in this evil world with no one to help …show more content…
After doing on drugs for so long it 'll be impossible to just stop it. This means that she 's been on it since 18 and hasn’t even thought about giving it up. ”stuck in her day dream since 18”. The A Team gave us a understanding with not by only it 's lyrics but its instrumentals. This song tells us not only about one girl but millions of girls in today’s society and how drugs affect them on a everyday bases. Mistake in overdosing. Her life is fading away. She was hoping for a better life, but has decided to give in to her addiction this is a strong message to users as well as to nonusers that partying and drugs can change you. Being true to yourself may save you in the long term. As we hear a story about a good girl life being ripped away due to drugs. She was hoping for a better life, but has decided to give up. This song symbolizes a lot and also has many meanings but it 's clear and understanding. This song entire song is about a woman falling into drug addiction and prostitution. It interprets her feelings, and ends with many people who get caught up in this kind of addiction without any type of support from friends or

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