Drugs And Drug Use By Young People Essay

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We hear about drugs, everywhere, through literature, media, journalism, but also in justice (the laws, penalties), and in the social (with its adverse effects, number of consumers affected, community, etc.), the scientific community (with plantations, new drugs, etc.) and finally with the history and geography (main country of production, origin, etc.). Many people are concerned with the drugs use, especially "Drug use by young people is an important reality that does not spare the school environment that is complicated." Young students fall under the disastrous effects of this deadly substance.
What are the causes and consequences of this behavior, and the solutions that we can offer to solve this problem?
The French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction defined the term "drug" as "Natural or synthetic psychoactive product, used by a person to change his state of consciousness or improve its performance, with potential harmful abuse or dependence and whose use may be legal or not . ". Drug trafficking operates as a business that it has a leader, several employees and a production.
During the history, the drugs ‘subject has been obscured either by bias, erroneous scientific opinions, unfounded classifications, and clashes between the political, economic, and health interests (eg the heroin use would create a dependency from the start, but it is not true). The drug alters our perception of reality by acting on the central nervous system. So, this is…

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