Essay on Drugs And Drug Related Violence

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A recent study has found that ‘One Punch Assaults’ have cost 90 Australian lives since 2000, most fuelled by drugs and alcohol abuse. Due to the increase in Youth Violence, Queensland’s Newman Government, as part of its Safe Night Out Legislation Amendment Act, 2014 has introduced the offence of ‘Unlawful Striking causing death.’ This recently developed law has a tougher penalty than manslaughter because it eliminates certain defences that are available under the charge of manslaughter.

In the Criminal Code 1899, (QLD) Section 314A states that for the offence of Unlawful striking causing death, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant unlawfully struck another person to the head or neck and caused the death of the other person. Unlike manslaughter, the defence that even though the strike was deliberate and willful, the death was not, won 't be a valid reason for a partial defence. The primary objective of the Bill is to reduce alcohol- and drug-related violence in Queensland’s nightlife. The Bill seeks to address alcohol and drug related violence by ensuring irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated, by holding responsible parties accountable for their actions. Although enforcing a harsher deterrent would let offenders be punished for their actions, this new law has sparked outrage from several members of society for being ‘redundant’ and ‘removing a defendant’s ability to argue that the consequence of a strike is unintentional.’ This…

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