Drug Violence In Mexico Essay

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Drugs and Crime in Mexico Drugs and crime in Mexico has been risen very quickly. Mexico has become the focus of a great attention due to the concern of violence related to drug trafficking. Since the mexican president Felipe Calderon declared “war” on drug traffickers, an estimated of 22,000 people have died in drug-related violence. In the early twenty-first century, the mexican government attempt to stop the activity of drug cartels, but the result has been an uncontrolled violence. The mexican government remains impotent to fight the violence. The United States think that they should intervene in order for a possibility to combat México’s drug cartels and end their violence. Criminal organizations have been risen very quickly in México. …show more content…
In fact according to the mexican government drug cartels are responsible for 25,00 deaths since 2006. The growing problem and inability of law enforcement to bring it under control has been devastating for the people in Mexico. People in Mexico do not longer feel safe in their own homes or being around their communities. Mexican drug cartels are having a serious impact in the United States, particularly in cities and towns near the Mexican border. As illegal weapons travel south into Mexico, illegal drugs travel north into the United States. Innocent people that live in border towns are being forced to abandon their homes and livelihoods under threat of death by drug cartels. Drug cartels do this because they want to conduct their illegal business free of obstruction. Although no matter the impact that the Mexican drug cartels have on the United States, at the end the problem originates from Mexico so it’s important that the US do whatever it can to assist Mexico in resolving the problem, and also to protect its own citizens. Although a true solution to this ongoing crisis must ultimately come from Mexico

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