Drug Use The Night Of The Disappearance Essay

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Police Investigation
Police conducted a nine-day search of the areas near her apartment, including the Sycamore Ridge Landfill located in Pimento, Indiana. They were joined by Lauren’s parents, the Bloomington Police Department, the Indiana University Police Department, FBI, and hundreds of volunteers, searching the abandoned landfill, local forests, and quarries. However, their extensive search would ultimately prove fruitless. Although the authorities received hundreds of tips related to her disappearance, none of the leads led to any answers.
Drug Use the Night of the Disappearance
Former FBI investigator and 20/20 researcher Brad Garrett has stated that he believes drugs played a part in her disappearance that night, stating that they had role “either in her own demise or [because it placed her in harm’s way because she was so impaired.” In addition, both Spierer’s boyfriend and her friends told police officers that she used both drugs and alcohol on a regular basis leading up to her disappearance. Officers would later find “a small amount of cocaine” during a search of her apartment and Lauren’s parents would later reveal that she was arrested for public intoxication and underage consumption of alcohol approximately nine months before her disappearance.
Nadine Wolff, the mother of Lauren’s boyfriend Jesse Wolff, would later claim that Lauren was kicked out of the summer camp where she met Jesse and her core group of friends in high school because of drug use. She said,…

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