Essay on Drug Use And Exposure Of Drugs

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Drug use and exposure.
In both studies, drug use was a common theme in the life history of homeless participants. Drug use is common among the homeless population, due to the nature and stress related to their lifestyle and is consequently used in place of healthy coping skills (Bonner et al., 2009). Once an individual is homeless, the probability of being associated with other drug users and theoretically having easier access to obtain drugs is high (Bonner et al., 2009). Interestingly, alcohol related issues and abuse were not found to be associated with homelessness and was least likely over drug use to contribute to a homeless experience (Bonner et al., 2009). However, an opportunity for further research exists due to the fact the study was a population-based sample and could include lower proportioned participants with alcohol related abuse (Bonner et al., 2009). Additionally, factors such as incarceration, hospitalization, or being mentally or physically incapable of participating could have influenced the response rate and therefore skewed the impact of the dependence of drugs and alcohol among the homeless population (Bonner et al., 2009). The research conducted by Tyler (2006) failed to ask the respondents about their own personal drug and alcohol use, and instead focused on their family history of substance abuse. Results of the study showed 92% of homeless youth reported drug and/or alcohol use in their childhood households (Tyler, 2006). Further…

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