Essay on Drug Usage Of Drug Abuse

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When it comes to mental illnesses, it is expected that the afflicted person receive help in order to combat their illness. You might expect the same for drug addiction but in cases including illegal substances, the “treatment” is anything but helpful. In the many readings we have had, it was brought up frequently that drug usage was a symptom of the current lifestyle separated from nature most of the human population lives. This lifestyle was described multiple times as being one that is confining or captivity we forced on ourselves. So it really doesn’t make much sense to be responding to the problem of drug offenses in America with prison sentences and few ways to treat the addiction that got the offenders there in the first place. “Drug offenders” referring to someone with a dependency on certain substances. These substances can range from alcohol, to prescription medication, to illegal substances. This person will have been convicted of a crime related to drugs such as selling, being in possession of, or stealing to acquire drugs or whatever substance they have a dependency on. This can also mean people who committed crimes while being under the influence of their substance of choice.
Some opinions don’t mind these situations, believing that those who break the law must serve out a form of punishment for doing so and that society is better off with drug offenders behind bars, but the truth is imprisonment is doing more harm than good. The current use of incarceration as…

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