Drug Trafficking And The United States Essay

1051 Words Jun 13th, 2016 5 Pages
There have long been debates over the best way to eradicate drug use in the United States. Many of these arguments have been backed up with facts and extensive research. Is it better, then, to legalize drugs in the United States or to maintain strict laws concerning drugs. I have decided that the better course of action would be to maintain or improve laws concerning illegal drugs. Drug trafficking is one of the largest illegal industries in the world, and it causes huge problems. Many people are arrested for use and abuse of drugs each year, with numbers staying stable around 30,000 arrests within the past 14 years. While numbers have been stable lately, the numbers are appalling. Heroin is the drug that tops the industry with its number of seizures rising over the decade (DEA.gov / Statistics & Facts). People may not realize it, but drugs are very prevalent in the United States today, for example, I know that there are several drug dealers in my high school, some of whom, you would never expect to sell drugs. There are people fighting for the legalization of drugs throughout the United States, and there are those against it. One very large argument for the legalization is that, it worked for Portugal (Alliance). However, there are many factors contributing to the reason why it worked in Portugal, and why it would not work in the United States. Portugal gave various statistics relating to their drug policy, which leaves drugs illegal, but still gives the offender the…

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