Drug Trade Symbolism

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Power of the state, capitalism, and family. Young African Americans describe the drug trade as something they use to finance future legal ventures. Bergmann says that African American youths in Detroit have a unique journey due to the involvement in the street drug trade. Many cultures have specific rites of passage or rituals that transition individuals from childhood to adulthood, for example, the Christian confirmation ceremony and the Latin American Quinceañera. Although each culture may have their own unique celebration that represent the turning point in one’s life, Bergmann’s ethnography hints to the idea that there is no certain turning point or celebration for the African American youths. This turning point is ever changing based on …show more content…
Although the youth insist that the drug trade is something they can spin in a positive way in order to build themselves up, there are many negative consequences within the trade as well. Bergmann starts off the book by describing the death of Dwayne, saying “he had been shot in his home 9 times due to his involvement in the drug trade” (7). This establishes the prevalence of gun violence within the homes of these invidivuals as well as the community as a whole. The practices and costs of the trade establish the importance of it as a social institution while simultaneously creating behaviors and mentalities that shape their …show more content…
If drugs are found in the raids, he could be arrested and face jail time. Police officers point a gun at him, handcuff him and his ill adoptive mother, Ruby, and brutalize his house by kicking out the windows (98). Dude has a different approach to this situation, as he says, “When they raided, hey, I didn’t give a fuck, I was laughing” (99). Growing up with the drug trade, Dude lacks any responsibility or concern that an adult may feel in this situation. His story fits the background of someone who is familiar with the drug trafficking and raids that come along with it. However, he may also be completely aware that this behavior is a necessary economic strategy for his future. Check the middle of page

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