Drug Testing For Students Athletes Essay

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Throughout the country, many students are entering high school and many of those students who enter high school play some form of a sport. While high school is known for the time where students are constantly introduced to new things and ideas, many of these newly introduced things and ideas are not ideal things students should be introduced to. One of the things introduced to high school students is drugs. It is inevitable that drugs will be one the things that students are introduced to while in school, but there will be those who use drugs and those who do not use drugs. This does not particularly affect one group of people, but multiple groups of students throughout high school. Some of the people who are among the group who do drugs are athletes. However, with many different uses of drugs not limited to the use of marijuana, there are other drugs and supplements used among athletes such as performing enhancements. With the rising use of such drugs school official throughout the country have made an effort to make drug testing for the student athletes mandatory. The efforts to test student-athletes for the use of possible drugs or supplements is a cause that has been proven to fail, therefore the ability to test high school student athletes for the use of drugs should not be permitted.
All throughout the country there are people who genuinely believe that high school student athletes should be drug tested not just because these students are athletes, but it would…

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