Drug Testing For A Random Drug Test Essay

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It 's lunchtime but your supervisor has elected you to go for a random drug test. "Why me and why not him,” this is a common question that is often asked by employees. Most people believe that their body belongs to them and what they do in their free time is their business, however others believe that drug testing staff is within an employer’s legal right.
President Bill Clinton in 1998 famously said it depends what the meaning of “is” is. This points out the importance of definition. First we need to define terms. Employees should include whom? Should we include subordinates, mangers, administrators, clerical, manual workers, and support staff? Should we include individual “owner:” sole proprietors and owners who own stock, etc? Random testing means who is being tested and how they are selected. There should be no limit to the number of times any one person can be tested or can be skipped (Griffin et al., 2001) (Li et al., 2010). Drugs, for this paper we will focus specially on illicit drugs. However, drugs can include OTC, prescription, illegal drugs, natural substances used for medical or psychotropic purposes, designer drugs, and off-label prescription.
Every year drug use increases and there are new drugs of concern. Hashish was developed as a better alternative for opium. Laudanum was an improvement on opium, and most recently in the past several years methadone was used to control heroin and we now know that it is considered a drug of abuse. Now 70%…

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