Drug Prevention Essay: Preventing Drug Use And Addiction

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Preventing Drug Use and Addiction

Societies everywhere in the world have been affected by drug use. Kids are experimenting with new drugs every single day and more and more of those kids become addicted to drugs. When someone becomes addicted to drugs, it causes them to not think clearly and rationally and makes getting a job more difficult for them. Kids are a big target for drug dealers because they are young and uneducated about the dangers of drugs, and kids are pressured by their friends to try new drugs. To prevent people from experimenting and becoming addicted to drugs, involvement must come from parents, law enforcement, teachers, and recovered addicts. Kids today are not educated enough about the dangers of drugs and the harmful effects that drugs can have on them. Parents have a big influence on how their kids handle drugs. A kid needs to feel as if they can talk to their parents about anything, and talking to them about drugs is something that is very important. Parents need to discuss with their kids how drug abuse can affect them and the rest of their family. Parents must help their children find ways to say “no” to drugs without sounding “lame” to
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I think that the government needs to give more of the people’s taxes towards law enforcement so that police force can increase in size and money can go towards supplies to stop drug deals. There are many drug busts that are huge, but people are forgetting about the many small drug deals that happen right in the streets. I think that if more money is given to law enforcement, they can focus on the many small drug deals that happen every day. Furthermore, punishments need to be harsher on people that abuse drugs. Punishments can be made worse by giving drug abusers and dealers longer sentences in prison. If we make punishments worse for drug abusers, more people will think twice before using a harmful

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