Essay about Drug Painkillers On The Market

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"Americans have been led to believe- by their doctors, and the pharmaceutical industry- that there is a pill to cure just about anything that ails them", ( Overprescribing is defined as "prescribe a drug in greater amounts or on more occasions than necessary", ( Across America, doctors are overprescribing addictive medications to patients, young and old, in physical and mental pain; meanwhile, the government is trying to combat the epidemic while the pharmaceutical companies profit billions.

"Many prescription opiates on the market are addictive as heroin, and poorly control chronic pain", said Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Thomas Frieden ( Doctors should first resort to alternative therapies like cardio vascular exercise, yoga, or light weight training. Patients could also opt to starting with aspirin or Advil. Another option other than prescription opiates would be steroid injections. For example, an epidural for lower back pain or a "trigger point" injections at the area of need. Instead patients are choosing and wanting to take addictive medicine, some knowing the risks, and others naive to the fact, but soon finding out the harsh reality. Doctors need to be the first line of defense against naive patients that may have been in a car accident or suffered a broken bone for the first time. These patients have never needed to take these powerful drugs, and once they do, they enjoy…

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