21 Days Research Paper

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21 days. 21 days is said to be the amount of days to form a habit. Now, habits can range from either good and bad habits. Good habits like walking your dog everyday to bad ones like procrastinating your work, we are all creatures of habits, good or bad. When I was sixteen, I meet a boy who’s bad habits would later take a toll on my life for a year and a half. It is said that being a drug addict isn’t nearly as bad as being sober and loving a drug addict. Whether it’s a family member, spouse, or friend - nothing will screw up your life more than being associated with a drug addict. You can’t save them but they can sure as hell destroy you, and they will.
I met Jonathan on a very sticky summer, barely having finished my first year of high school ready to enter the next. It was probably the second week of my summer break and I was miserable from the heat and the mundane days that would drag along, most of my friends either busy with their families or away on vacation for the summer. It was an early day when I took it upon myself to do something semi productive that day so I hopped on a bus and visit my cousins in Santa Ana. My cousins, Lily, Angel, Christopher, and I had always been a close knit family, so I knew that I would be in good company before I self destructed
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I ignored the nickname, digressing into his question, pretending I didn 't feel in the slightest bit embarrassed for a second. “I came to visit, see if you guys wanted to do anything.” Angel nodded his head but from the corning of my eye, I was watching the blonde. “Mmm, you just missed Lil and Chris. It’s just me and Jonathan,” He pointed at his friend, “Jonathan is Pete’s brother.” I knew Pete, Pete being Angel’s weed connection whom he’d spend half his time with. Immediately, you can tell that Jonathan is a man of few words. I was instantly very intrigued and very

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