Drug And The Partnership Attitude Tracking Study Essay

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According to Drugfree.org and the Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, (PATS, 2011) sponsored by MetLife Foundation, it has been a significant increase in heavy marijuana use among teens in grades 9-12. Hispanics, are the most prevalent and most quickly emergent ethnic minorities in the U.S, making up about 17 percent of the general public, or more than 50 million persons. Prior research also indicates that drinking patterns among Latinos are not the same for non-Hispanic Whites and other racial multitudes. Accepting these dissimilarities can help prevention, intervention, and treatment programs to better serve the Latino community and works with close relatives and other persuaders to help them prevent and get support for drug and alcohol addiction by adolescents and young adults. Also, understanding into what actions help protect Latino teens from this behavior could help arrange interventions designed to address substance misuse using certain cultural aspects may provide protective mechanisms for Latino youths at risk for drug addiction. (Burrow-Sanchez & Wrona., 2012). Congruently, prior research suggest a relation among proactive violent behavior and substance use, it seems to be a risk factor for early initiation of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco use for both males and females. (Fite et al., 2012).
Statistically, the Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey Report (2014) measures a series of eight antisocial behaviors such as carrying or taking a handgun to school,…

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