Essay on Drug Alcohol And Substance Abuse

729 Words Apr 13th, 2016 3 Pages
Throughout the past couple decades of policing, the use of alcohol and substance abuse has risen within the departments. Studies concerning the connection between alcohol and PTSD have shown that officers tend to turn to drugs and alcohol if they have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The use of drugs have led to addiction and even police corruption. This problem has become an epidemic for the police in today’s society. Citizens may argue that police are no different than an average citizen on substance abuse or that drugs actually benefit the officers. Athlete enthusiasts, officers who use drugs for performance and people who support the police till the end still deny the fact that this is a key issue in police society. Police have been caught undermining the law and giving into temptation to feed their addiction, which can be seen as corruption or as officers begging for help with their problem. Addiction among police officers is a significant issue that harms the community and officer, and needs to be addressed. To begin with, addiction is usually caused by stress that the police face on the job. Before one looks at police addiction, they have to first understand what may cause an officer to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Agencies have tried to be proactive and get officers stress management interventions before they turn to alcohol or drugs; however, there have been low quality studies done involving these interventions. Since there is such diversity among…

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