Drug Addiction Program For America 's Increasing Heroin Issues

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Essay #2-Chasing Heroin was a documentary that highlighted many different programs to help with America’s increasing Heroin issues. There were two programs that were mentioned to help people with their heroin addiction. The first program is known as the Law Enforcement Addiction Diversion program, or LEAD program. This program has a goal to not punish people for their addiction but to improve their quality of life. This program essentially gives users a second chance by instead of taking them to jail right away. This program has shown police another way to deal with users and it is cheaper and helps lower the crime rates. It works like an intervention. Users who are “convicted” meet with counselors that work with them to help them lower their chances of using. There are no punishments and an open door between users and the counselors. They help users get into rehab and detoxes faster and they help make it safe to use for users who are not ready to get help and they offer rewards for those who do well. An example of a reward is free safe housing. It allows users who are staying clean to live there however it has curfews to help fight the user’s urges. If users are caught using while living in the safe houses, they are asked to leave. The program also meets twice a month with police, case managers, social workers and anyone else apart of the team to discuss client’s progress and keeping everyone on the same page. The attitude this program is based on is a…

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