Drug Addiction And Its Effects On Many People Essay examples

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Introduction Drug addiction has many negative effects on many people. Fortunately, education on the topic is becoming more popular to try to prevent the problem before it happens. There are programs in schools to teach about drugs and their consequences and there are campaigns for people of all ages including advertisements on buses and billboards and commercials on television which depict what can happen due to drug use. Of course, preventative measures will not work one hundred percent of the time, and often people believe that they are invincible or that “it won’t happen to me.” They think that they can experiment with drugs without ever becoming addicted. While this is true in some cases, others are not so lucky. Fortunately, there are drug rehabilitation and treatment programs for those who do become addicted. These programs come in many different varieties. Many treatment programs use opiate-derived drugs such as buprenorphine or Methadone to help people who are detoxing from opiate addiction and are going through withdrawal symptoms. This paper serves to outline the positive and negative effects and the ethical issues surrounding the method of treating addiction with more drugs. It then gives a few suggestions about my own opinion of what works.
Treating drug addiction with drugs is not the answer. Drugs such as buprenorphine or Methadone are not a solution; they are more like a bandage. They help ease the symptoms that addicts experience while detoxing from…

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