Drug Addiction And Drug Abuse Essay examples

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People have utilized medications of some sort for a huge number of years. “During the American Civil War, morphine was used freely, and wounded veterans returned home with their kits of morphine and hypodermic needles” (drug addiction and drug abuse). By the early 1900s there were an estimated 250,000 addicts in the United States (drug addiction and drug abuse). 1914 the Harrison Narcotic Act precluded offer of considerable measurements of sedatives or cocaine with the exception of by authorized specialists and drug stores. Later, heroin was completely banned. Under this law, it got to be unlawful to claim, utilize or be dependent on illegal opiates.
Use of narcotics and cocaine diminished by the 1920s and the spirit of temperance led to the prohibition of alcohol by the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1919, but Prohibition was repealed in 1933 (drug addiction and drug abuse). Utilization of opiates and cocaine decreased by 1920 and the soul of moderation prompted the preclusion of liquor by the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1919; however “in the 1930s, most states required antidrug education in the schools, but fears that knowledge would lead to experimentation caused it to be abandoned in most places” (drug addiction and drug abuse). By then “In the 1950s, use of marijuana increased again, along with that of amphetamines and tranquilizers” (drug addiction and drug abuse).
What has the War on Drugs fulfilled? It has not decreased access to…

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