Substance Dependence

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This paper is synopsis of the effect of drugs, tobacco and alcohol in the family. I will discuss the different viewpoints of drug dependence along with research perspective of drug dependence. To understand the concept of abuse we must understand what abuse is. Abuse comes in all forms and I will discuss the many issues associated with drug abuse and how it effects the family. According to quantative research personality and substance dependence symptoms model substance specific traits. The traits are often found in a family member who has suffered with dependence. Substance dependence is also known as drug dependence. Drug Dependence is an adaptive state that develops from repeated drug administration. Alcohol and substance abuse goes …show more content…
When a love one has a drug problem, it causes difficulty for the parents, children and grandparents. According to research a parent on drugs or alcohol problem can have a negative effect on their family members. The problem not only affects the person on drugs, but the entire family. It is not easy living with a person with a drug problem. The dependent is often full of conflict, torn between wanting drugs , alcohol or tobacco, A parent’s addition may affect their son and daughter by falling to four categories such as; the scapegoat , mascot, and the lost child. The scapegoat characterization is when the dependent feels blamed when something goes wrong. The lost child characterization is where dependent seems to be a dreamer and lastly the mascot is often characterized as the clown of the …show more content…
However, the use of drugs will begin to cause problems for the dependent and remove all the positive things in their lives. The person who still uses the drug becomes obsessed with the drug and will do anything to obtain their choice of drugs, All drug use is bad and harmful to the dependent, but there are some drugs that are particular potent because of how quickly users can become addicted to them.
A study was conducted and found that the most addictive drug is heroin, the second highest is cocaine. Drug addiction is a disease and recovering from it is rarely as simple as just putting down the drug and being done with it, for good. Drug addicts most likely have domestic violence problems; to lose their job, and be arrested can cause a dependent to be violent. If left untreated, can negatively impact every faucet of a person life.
In conclusion it is safe to say that drug abuse is a disease and hurts the family dynamic. Dependent people who are addicted to drugs don 't believe that they are sick and out of control, so they don 't look for treatment. Drug Dependents do see they have a problems causing themselves and those around them to endure heartache and conflict. Hence, the people who are addicted are aware of their problem, but may be so upset and confused that they do not know how to ask for or get help. Dependence is a family trait that can be passed from one

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