Essay about Drug Abuse And Substance Abuse

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Introduction Every time we turn on a TV, look at social media, or read the news, in today’s society we are bombard with the ongoing war against drugs. An addictive substance that alters one’s mental faculties is consider a psychoactive drug. However, some substances can be beneficial to a person. For example, when a person is injured, and receives a powerful narcotic to control the pain. Although, if the same person after the injury has healed continues to use the narcotic in ways that it was not intended by the doctor, we can have described the person as being addicted to the medication. Yet, how do we determine addiction to a substance to substance abuse. Drug addiction is defined as chronic, relapsing brain disorder that a person will compulsively seek out and use, despite harmful consequences to the body (Science of Drug Abuse and Addiction: The Basics | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)," 2013).
Substance abuse is prevalent all over the world. The use of a mind altering substance can be traced back to the times of ancient Egypt, the Spanish conquistadors, during the civil war (). A substance that can cause a mind altering function was first introduction during ancient times for a way to become closer to a deity, religion, or to seek answers for a tribe by the shaman. Although, substance abuse and substance dependence is different. Substance abuse is the abuse of any drug or substance that will affect the normal function of the brain, and affect the central…

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