Essay about Drug Abuse And Its Effects On Society

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Most researchers believe that addictions are caused by some risk factors working together to create the addiction that consumes and destroy people’s lives. Most people become addicted to prescription drugs they are taking; however, there are cases where individuals have used recreational and prescription drugs without becoming addicts. Once an individual starts using drugs, he/she becomes physically and emotionally dependent on them. Drug abuse can cause a great amount of pain and suffering depending on each and the extent of his or her addiction. The extent of a person 's vulnerability to their addiction depends on their social environment, mental stability, physical health, and their genes. According to Kellogg, "Our drug problem is a major problem, which in all likelihood, stems from poverty, loneliness, shame, dishonesty, rage, family violence, power, and greed. It bankrupts the spirit and eats away at a culture. Drugs can destroy the core of meaningfulness in people 's lives" (Kellogg, 1990 p. xvii). Those who are addicted have rooted all their energy towards pursuing things that are created; rather than pursuing the Creator. If they have a desire to travel the road to total recovery, they must first change their mindset to pursue the Creator. All changes in our lives begin with one simple act, and that is changing our mindset. When that person, who is suffering from drug addiction, seek out the God of the universe; He will create in them a clean…

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