Drug Abuse : A Form Of Brain Disease Essay

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Drug abuse is categorized as a form of brain disease. A type of brain disease that subjects people to habitual take illicit or addicted drugs that are detrimental to ones well-being without any control or self- regulation. The criminal justice system has been dealing with ongoing drug abuse issues among juveniles and adults offenders in prisons and as well as those who are released into the public. Since incarceration alone is has not been effective in rehabilitating offenders because of recidivism, the criminal justice system and state legislatures are seeking other alternative programs that might be more beneficial in rehabilitating offenders and decreasing crimes .The most effective treatment for drug-involved offenders is the combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and the Therapeutic Community (TC) therapy (Simpson, 2016).
According to Simpson (2016), the CBT primarily seeks to help at the psychological or cognitive level of the offenders, basically the mental driven mechanisms that precipitate and justify their ongoing unmoral behaviors. The CBT treatment assist individual to pause and identify the reasons and justifications behind their behaviors, their views and how it affects their emotions. While the TC seeks to help the offenders social behavior that is necessary to assimilate back into the general population. It helps the offenders to learn and understand the importance of living honestly, responsibly, and dealing with their emotions in a mature way…

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